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Buddy is a 19-year-old registered miniature horse. Most people think he is a pony or baby horse. Buddy’s expertise is looking cute and pulling a cart. Buddy feels as if he is a Bakas mascot. He enjoys being petted by all of the kids and hearing how adorable he is. Buddy really likes it when visitors bring him mints for his awful breath.



Heineken is a 19 year old Arab/Tb cross. He is used for all disciplines of riding. He excels at Dressage. He has been a great addition to the center.



Jubilee is a 15 year old percheron/quarter cross. She was used for all disciplines at the center until last year. She had colic surgery and is still recovering. She is just starting back with classes and is currently being used for our small riders. We hope she will make a full recovery but, it's a slow process.



Kermit is a 22-year-old Quarter Horse gelding. He used to be a fancy show jumper and now he is a happy therapy horse.  Kermit still enjoys competing at the Challenge Show and in the Special Olympics. His riders usually get first place ribbons since he is such a good-looking horse. Kermit’s favorite color is royal blue and he loves all the treats that Bakas riders bring. 



Martini is a 16-year-old handsome Arabian gelding. He enjoys going to the horse shows and performing in showmanship and drill team events. His best friend at Bakas is Buddy. They can frequently be found running in the pastures together. 



Mattie is a 21 year old paint mare. She is very sweet and has a lovely jog. All of our riders love trotting on her because she is so smooth. Mattie is used for all disciplines at the center. 



Maybe is a 12-year-old Paint mare. She is young and flashy and one of the newer additions to the Bakas barn. Maybe participated in the Special Olympics recently and competed in the barrels and equitation events. She is developing nicely as a therapy horse and enjoying her new job in life.



Silver is a 11 year old welsh cob pony gelding. He is a great at whatever he does. The campers enjoy painting him and playing with him. He is definitely a class favorite.


Chase is an 11-year-old Palomino gelding. Chase’s strength and large stature make him perfect for the bigger riders. He loves going on trail rides and playing games in the arena with the riders. Chase has a cute face and all of the riders think he is handsome and kissable!


Our beautiful Diamond is an 18-year-old Quarter-type pony. Although she is relatively new to Bakas, Diamond has a long show record. Her past show history includes short stirrups and pony hunters. She has adjusted well to the Bakas classes. Diamond enjoys taking riders on trail rides and playing therapeutic games with them.


Picasso is a 16-year-old registered half Arabian paint gelding. Always a favorite of Bakas riders, Picasso has an easy jog and is perfect for the program participants who are learning to ride independently.  Picasso is a member of the Bakas drill team and is active in all of the programs that the center offers.


Reba is an 18-year-old registered Quarter Horse mare. Reba is trained western pleasure. A relatively recent addition to the program, Reba fits in perfectly with the riders and enjoys fraternizing with Diamond. 


Shelby is a Quarter Horse mare. She is 20 years old and is a favorite of many Bakas riders. Shelby can be counted on to compete in all horse shows and rider events. She has also joined the Bakas drill team. Shelby is truly a gem and always steps up to the plate and does whatever is asked of her. Team players like Shelby are a rare find and are genuinely appreciated by the riders and staff.


Tag is a 17-year-old Holsteiner gelding. He is over 16 hands tall which is ideal for the taller Bakas riders. Tag joined Bakas in 2015 but acts as if he has been here all of his life! His pleasant disposition is wonderful to work with and he does not get bothered easily. He can be turned out by anyone and is a real joy to work with.