Bakas Riding Center has been amazing to work with and we are delighted to see that their efforts continue to bring joy to disabled children on a daily basis.
— Melissa H. - Large, Inc.
My son’s physical strength and balance have improved tremendously since he began riding at Bakas. The Bakas team is amazing!
— Sally - Bakas Parent
Having Ben in the Bakas Program has been incredibly rewarding. Not only does it improve his balance and ability to ride, but his overall confidence with horses. Riding has also helped him greatly with his fear of heights. He climbs on things now that he would have been afraid of earlier. The staff is just wonderful and really work with him to make sure he gets a good and safe ride. I couldn’t ask for a better program!
— Susan P. - Mom to Ben
Riding horses is a chance for me to do something fun and challenging in my community and I am able to do it with my friends at Bakas!
— Mallory R. - Rider
It has been very fulfilling to help the riders at Bakas. I love seeing how happy they are when they are on the horses.
— Ian - Volunteer
Corey has been riding at Bakas for several years. The program has been beneficial for him in developing confidence, coordination and communication skills. The highly trained staff are wonderful with the riders. Their dedication and patience is never-ending!
— Beth H. - Corey's Mom